Learning from People Magazine

By Caroline Fernandez

Even though I am interested in global issues and news, as well as compelling features stories, I’ll admit that every once in a while I’ll flip through a trash magazine and you know what? It’s great. It’s easy and mindless to flip through a magazine while sitting in an airport or trying to pass the time; People, in my opinion, is the best of the best. So when I saw a session that focused on how you could learn from People magazine and take away how they use diversity, visuals and color to create a better publication, I was intrigued.

While the information given was interesting, most of what I heard was anything but earth shattering.

The major idea I took away from the session was the retention and recruitment of staff members. Towards the end of the session the presenter, Marquita Smith from John Brown University, discussed the recruitment and retention of staff members. She made some great suggestions, such as using space on your website to promote the staff in quick and fun ways where staff members, especially seniors, discuss what they have gained from being on staff. I can see us doing fun, yet meaningful speed round print or video interviews with staff members and then posting them on either social media or a more permanent place like the website. I feel that a good majority of Elon students are familiar with The Pendulum but aren’t familiar with how they can be involved. Spotlights on students from all majors – from business to English – who are involved with The Pendulum will help promote the idea that The Pendulum needs people from all backgrounds to be successful.

While I wish I would have been able to learn more from the session, I am now going to put more thought and seek advice from other Pendy’s about the sessions I am considering for tomorrow.



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