Laying down the beats

By Tommy Hamzik

One of the things I think The Pendulum’s sports section does fairly well is emphasize every sport instead of just the major ones. We have just as much coverage of volleyball and tennis as we do football and baseball.

But I was still interested in the session titled “Covering a Beat: Making any sport essential.” I didn’t find it very helpful, though.

The speaker (I didn’t catch her name, and the program just says Philadelphia Enquirer) didn’t seem very prepared and really just talked about how she enjoys being a freelancer because she doesn’t have to go into work every day and is her own boss. I get that, that’s cool, but that doesn’t help me or anyone else in the session.

I’m happy I went though because of one quote she said: “What angle of a team would be on a reality show?”

Boom. Wham. Bam. I like it.

What makes a team / person interesting? It gets boring if we’re just writing the same generic stories about a team losing 56 straight games or how it doesn’t know how to play defense. I like the idea she’s getting at there. Find something really intriguing and build it into a story — people will read it.


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