Day 1 closes. Day 2 will be better.

By Colin Donohue

Day 2 will be better. Because it has to be.

I don’t typically post about sessions on this blog. I leave that to the students, whose impressions of the conference are more important than mine. But I felt compelled to check in. Briefly. (Preface: I’m sensitive to the challenge of offering a session at conferences, so I’m not naming names of presenters or sessions. I’m only providing general thoughts. The people who volunteer to share their expertise and experiences are doing yeoman’s work, and they should all be recognized for giving so generously of their time and talent.)

The first session I planned to attend was canceled. An inauspicious start. And disappointing because the subject matter intrigued me. I figured the discussion would’ve been useful to the future of student news media at Elon. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

I headed to an awards presentation later, which was disjointed and unprepared. I don’t blame the presenter, who was thrust into the session after offering to help. Still … SUCCESS! An award was won. More on that in a separate post.

My final session was misleadingly titled and didn’t truly cover the subject matter it proposed to. I did come away with a reminder about a dynamic multimedia tool I had forgotten about–one I’ll probably use in class in the spring. So that was a useful takeaway.

All in all, not the best day I’ve had at one of these conferences. Not the worst, either, considering a couple of years ago I shuffled around the convention hotel with food poisoning. But outside the hotel here in Philly, I did see a couple of things. And that was pretty darn exciting.


Anyway, Day 2 will be better, and I’m excited for it.


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