Critique: Design take more risks

By Jonathan Black

Critiquing The Pendulum was Susan Smith of South Dakota State University.

The critiques are always an awkward proposition in the beginning. Silence fills the table as the person who does the critiquing needs to glance over a publication before offering advice.

After the initial delay, Smith raised some good points about the Pendulum which are highlighted below.

– A few photos can be cut tighter to focus in on the action of the shot.

– More mugshots should be used.

– Section headers can be bigger.

– Columns need to be more succinct.

– More shorter stories to fill the pages

Other points she brought up weren’t as applicable. Smith spent a few minutes discussing the color of our pages, which is an issue that we can’t really control. Plus, I don’t think it’s an issue that The Pendulum’s pages aren’t stark white. The other critique was the thickness of the page, which I don’t think is a problem.

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