We’re coming for you, Philly

By Kaitlin Dunn

Less than six hours remain until I’m bound for Philadelphia and I couldn’t possibly be more excited. Even though I live less than an hour away from Philly, I’ve never actually been to the city. I’m especially excited to try my first cheesesteak, having gone 20 years without ever eating one.

As alluring as the city itself is, I’m even more excited that I have the opportunity to explore the many facets of journalism at the ACP/CMA conference. I’ve done so many different things with the Pendulum that I’ve never been able to settle on one particular section. Photography, design, news, I want to do it all and see it all, and this weekend, I fully intend to.

My bags are packed, my schedule is planned out and now all that’s left to do is board the plane. So get ready Philly, we’re on our way!


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