You’re getting fired? You were probably late first

By Michael Bodley

The number-one reason people get the axe is a history of lateness, a consistent failure to meet deadlines, Michael Koretzky said in a talk to editors.

The newsroom should be impatient by design, particularly with breaking news. Yes, sometimes people have legitimate reasons for needing more time on a story, but these instances should be kept to a minimum.

One expert blows you off? Find another. And don’t wait.

The only people you need to talk to for a story are its subject(s). Otherwise, find someone else. Make another phone call. Don’t wait.

EDIT: Misspelled Koretzky’s last name in the original post. Humble apologies for a bad error.


4 thoughts on “You’re getting fired? You were probably late first

  1. Now that’s good comedy. Feel free to spell my name any which way, as long as you’re cleverly snarky on the back end.

    And keep doing this blog.

    When I was convention director – yeah, they were dumb enough to hire me, although smart enough to fire me – I used this blog as R&D. I told my successor (the awesome Lori Brooks, or is Bruks?) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s reading every damn word.

    • We hope Ms. Baroques is reading this thing. We’d hate to think we post for an audience of about three people–you, one of our parents and the random person who’s looking for a blog about Australian/British drum and bass group. That said, we do, of course, thank you for your continued support of the blog and for reading our quick thoughts. It is appreciated.

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