Knights of the design table

By Kristen DeMaria

It isn’t often that a room full of designers from all over the country get together and toss ideas around. Though this session was the least structured one I attended all weekend, it might have been the most insightful.

Jake Crump, a junior at the University of Oregon, moderated the session and encouraged the room to open up in dialogue about both questions and advice regarding design.

One thing that was interesting to hear was difference in the hierarchical structure of each school’s staff. At some schools, design was ranked at almost the same level as the editor-in-chief, which they said enabled them to have creative control over the entire process.

Though the session ended just about on time, the exchange of ideas did not. The entire group decided to create a Facebook group for us to continue networking and sharing ideas in the future. How cool is that?

That is what this conference, and communications in general, is all about. Learning from others and choosing to continue to do so even after the required time is up.


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