Interpreting InDesign

By Jonathan Black

I should have known that “The Need for Speed and Sparkle: InDesign Tips and Tricks” wouldn’t be too helpful when the presenter made a PC joke at the very beginning. As I’ve written before, my PC is an enormous chip on my shoulder. But, I decided to give it a shot and have a change of pace from my usual editing and writing based sessions.

While I had hoped that the session would not go above my head, it proved to be quite the opposite. Polly Walter, from the University of Central Arkansas, only taught the very basics of InDesign.

Walter, in addition to only going over the basics, seemed unprepared for her session. She couldn’t find some of her tools and lost track of where her examples where on InDesign.

One trick common symbol I don’t think I ever experienced with was the yellow box on images. I finally found out that it curves the images to corners to make it as circular as you like.

Overall this 85 percent of the session didn’t teach me anything new, but I can say it was a nice reminder to have before we start using InDesign in Editing and Design.


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