Despise the messenger, not the message

By Jonathan Black

I was nervous going into the critique of The Edge, not because I was worried it was going to get negative critiques (everything does) or that I thought it isn’t a worthy publication (it is). It was because the man critiquing The Edge was Michael Koretzy, a man who is a strange mix of Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

While Koretzy didn’t sugar coat any of his critiques, I believe that most of them are justified because he pointed out some major flaws in the magazine. The most first, and in my opinion most notable problem, was the lack of clarification on the cover story.

The front page didn’t specify that the story was about sexual assault on college campus and it also didn’t tease what page the story is on. In addition, it is never specified within the story that the girl in the photos isn’t the student who is the subject of the story.

Other problems included:

  • No idea what the stories where about in the teasers
  • In many of the stories, the angles were not relatable to college students. For example, the summer to do list mentioned, among other things, a weekly spa day. No college student can afford a weekly spa day, and if they can I want to find them and become their friend.
  • The sacrificing for sport headline was grossly misleading. Unless, flying trans-Atlantic and your dad having to turn down a job in Brussels as difficult.
  • There’s no angle to the fashion section and models aren’t credited. The section should focus on students who already own fashionable clothes or how to keep cool in the summer, and still dress for business.

These were some of the few things that Koretzy discussed, and I think it will only help improve the magazine. I just wish I didn’t hate his guts, and if he for some reason reads this, he’ll probably love that.


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