Branching out

By Kristen DeMaria

A story shouldn’t be something you can Google. This was one of the main lessons I got during Michael Koretzky’s critique of The Edge magazine.

Amidst the dry commentary and numerous questions, Koretzky’s critique provided some valuable insight. Without specific angles and examples, a story doesn’t have a reason to exist. Angles are what separate stories from one another and give them a unique flair. If stories start to sound tired and repetitive, then we should look at taking a fresh angle on that story to make it into something new and interesting.

The other main lesson I got out of this critique is that we need to make sure that our stories don’t sound pretentious. As a private school, we already face the stereotype of being rich and exclusive. Though some of the student body may fit into that category, we need to make sure we cater to the whole student body and not make assumptions about where students come from and how they behave.

By tackling stories with fresh and sharp angles catered toward a diverse student population, we can greatly improve The Edge and how others receive it.



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