Less promo, more info

By Kristen DeMaria

In today’s day and age, storytelling includes more and more multimedia elements. Print news is no longer enough, so many print organizations are adapting by creating content enabled for mobile phones.

In a workshop I attended today about taking print design live, I expected to learn some of the strategies to do so in an effective manner.

Though the speaker, David Robinson of Tulane University, began by recognizing the distinction between a mobile enabled website and a standalone app, the discussion quickly transitioned into a tutorial on how to use the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Though this software sounds helpful, as it directly works with your InDesign files to create the app, it is limited. Without purchasing a specific license, the Creative Cloud membership only allows the developer to create an app for one issue of content, rather than having multiple on the same app.

This seemed odd to me, because the workshop was supposed to be about how to take our print organizations mobile, yet we were learning about something that would only be useful for a single issue.

Though Robinson said he was not advocating for the software, this workshop seemed less like education about how to go mobile and more of a promotion for the software itself.


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