no more safety dance?

By Kristen DeMaria

Thinking outside the box is always a challenge. You want to show off your creativity, but you are afraid to break free of the typical and expected.

Though design might be easier if we all followed the rules all the time, it would be incredibly dull. In the trends and inspiration workshop I attended today, we discussed how to effectively break the shackles of safe design while also maintaining consistency.

Something as simple as changing color can be incredibly effective. One of the examples we looked at was a Burberry ad. When most people hear the word Burberry, they immediately think of the classic tan plaid. But by merely changing the hue of the plaid in their ad to yellow, Burberry did the unexpected and created an effective and intriguing design.

Design isn’t like a game of tag. You aren’t going to win by staying in the safe zone. Winning designs come from taking risks and making sure not to stay on base too long.


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