Don’t stop believing

By Kristen DeMaria

Whenever I’m feeling blue, looking at pictures of piglets (trust me, this one is adorable) instantly cheers me up. Other people turn on their favorite comedies and have a marathon. But Hoda Kotb had a different strategy; looking up commencement addresses. Hoda believes in this because those are the times when speakers give their best and most profound advice.

Much like a commencement address, Hoda’s keynote today was incredibly inspirational. It’s easy to assume that people like Hoda never had to deal with the harsh realities of things like the job market. But the truth is that Hoda was rejected 27 times before she got her first gig in Greenville. Hoda is where she is today because she did not give up.

“You only need one person who believes in you,” Hoda said. And that is so true. If you have one person who truly believes in you, don’t let them go. And don’t forget to repay the favor by trusting your faith in someone else and helping their dreams come true.

I know, I know. That may sound quite cliche. But it is true. Just imagine what your life would be like if no one had ever believed in you. I don’t know that all the piglets in the world could even cheer me up then.


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