A no-show speaker turns into a session all its own

By Michael Bodley

 I intended to attend a session about First Amendment rights this morning, but the speaker evidently had other plans. As I waited and waited and waited some more, people began to slowly trickle out of the room in twos and threes, but, I, for whatever reason, stuck around. I’m sure glad I did.

 After a spell, I looked up from my iPhone and realized there were only four other students in the room. And you could hear a pin drop.

I broke the silence with a seemed-witty-at-the-time quip about the speaker having better things to do, and the ice was broken and we introduced ourselves.

 And then we talked for an hour, about staff and the role of geography and AP style and everything else imaginable that might fit under a journalism header. From California to Pennsylvania to our own North Carolina, I started to realize we college journalists have a lot more in common than you might think.

The speaker not showing up turned into the best session of the day. We can learn so much from each other at the Pendulum. No one has all the answers individually, but together we make for some top-notch journalism.

Let’s keep it up.


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