Keeps gettin’ better

By Kristen DeMaria

The only way to improve is to first acknowledge what needs improvement. Going into our critique this morning, this was the attitude I adopted.

Listening to the criticism was especially helpful to me, because a lot of the comments dealt with design. The main criticism was to make more bold design choices, especially with subheads in long-form articles. A minor change, such as making the subheads a little larger, would greatly enhance readability in these long articles.

Another takeaway was to be more creative in the Features section. There is a lot of opportunity to think outside the box with this section, and I look forward to experimenting with that and stepping outside my design comfort zone.

Listening to a critique on my own work can be challenging, especially when it is on designs that I worked hard on, but it is worth it. I’d much rather someone tell me what they dislike about my work and be able to improve it than continue doing something that may be less than my full potential.

Besides, I’m nowhere close to my 10,000 hours yet. I know I still have a lot of room to improve.


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