A photo illustration that I’ll never use again

I am no stranger to the photo illustration. Today I attended the “Photo Illustration: Visual Editorial,” session in hopes of receiving some confirmation that our front page photos are or aren’t overdoing it on the photo illustrations. I left feeling….unfazed.

Instead of educating the group in attendance about when photo illustrations are appropriate and how they can be executed effectively for specific types of stories, the instructor, Julio Del Sesto, lead the group in a Photoshop tutorial in which he applied a crackling texture to Megan Fox’s face so it appeared to be falling apart. This was an illustration accompanying a story about student stress. The idea was creative and interesting, but it didn’t but it didn’t really add to my knowledge of photo illustrations.

While he pointed out some valuable Photoshop tools, Sesto didn’t provide much context for when a photo illustration is the appropriate course of action. It wasn’t until the very end of the session when someone asked a question about ethics and photo manipulation that I learned something new.

Katy Canada


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