Thumbin’ my way (past) North Caroline

By Michael Bodley

It’s the night before I leave for New Orleans, and I’m pretty sure my packing soundtrack should be more Cajun and less Old Crow Medicine Show. But that’s OK, because tomorrow afternoon I’ll be 30,000 feet above North Carolina, on my way to my first college media convention in a city (and state) I’ve never visited. And I can’t wait.

The ACP/CMA conference brings together people who are some of the best and the most dedicated at what they do: telling stories – that journalism thing. There’s something about being around people who share your passion, people who can relate to deadline pressure and sniffing out stories and, sometimes, choosing a double-shot expresso at 2 a.m. on production night instead of a pillow.

So I’m just about done packing. I’ve mapped out my itinerary for the weekend. I’m going to try to sleep tonight. New Orleans, I can’t wait to see you.


2 thoughts on “Thumbin’ my way (past) North Caroline

  1. Michael and all: Have a great experience. Be sure to take the first step to meet some people you otherwise wouldn’t approach. Build your networks and go out to eat with some conference folks beyond your Elonian colleagues. Hope you do well, learn often and bring good impressions to Elon and The Pendulum. I’ll be surveying your items here for more interesting insights and a basketful of active verbs.

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