Ask not what you can do for New Orleans, but what New Orleans can do for you…or something like that

My bags are packed. My toiletries have been squeezed into clear plastic containers and jammed into quart sized baggies. I have unsuccessfully attempted to store hairspray in a 3.4 ounce squirt-bottle. As I await the ACP/CMA Convention, I’m not the least bit concerned about the impending five days that I will spend sans hairspray (gasp).

In all my hopeful anticipation, I’ve had a few moments to consider what New Orleans can do for me. The opportunity to learn from experts and bring helpful, insider information back to The Pendulum staff will surely prove to be rewarding. I’m excited about meeting other students as well as hearing from the expert speakers during the sessions. Attending critiques of The Pendulum and of The Edge can only serve to benefit the organization as a whole and me peronally.

Looking forward, I feel prepared for the next few days. I’ve printed off 20 copies of my resume and 50 new business cards. I’m mentally prepared to take in vast amounts of advice and information between now and Sunday, and I hope that I can retain and communicate this knowledge well. My mind is prepared. My hair products are (somewhat) prepared. I hope New Orleans is prepared.

Katy Canada


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