The ‘S’ word

By Jonathan Black


That one word can elicit hundreds of different responses. So when I arrived for the session “Sex, on Deadline: Covering Campus Love and Lust” I was excited to see what tidbits  Dan Reimold, an assistant professor of journalism at The University of Tampa, could give about writing sex columns, features, in-depths, etc.

Reimold showed off sex columns and articles from around the country and went over the don’ts more than the dos of writing a piece about sex.

This included timing sensitivity, like avoiding publishing one during homecoming, perspective students weekend and graduation. Other tips were to avoid overused topics like long distance relationships, first date tips and the decline of dating.

By no means do I want to be a sex columnist at this point in my life but as the Last Word columnist for The Pendulum it is something I could report on occasionally.

One thing is for sure, no matter the response it receives, sex sells.


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