Jason, you just get me.

By Alison Ryncarz

This was the man I had been waiting for. Jason Wagenheim, Vice President and Publisher of Teen Vogue, was the speaker I had been most interested in listening to since Square 1. I arrived an hour early to the hall to introduce myself to Wagenheim, and was able to have a brief conversation with him about my interesting in pursuing a career in fashion, He was one of the most genuinely sincere men I have ever met and we instantly hit it off.

Wagenheim’s thoughtfulness shined through during his time on stage as well. He had the whole room laughing as he talked about the fashion magazine industry and where it was

I built up the courage to ask a question at the end of the session, asking what kind of content I should focus on publishing on my blog (short v. in-depth posts). Wagenheim suggested I do whatever I feel I am stronger at, assuring me that it was more about “quality” rather than “quantity”,

Hearing Wagenheim crack jokes about fashion lines and drop names such as Gucci and fashion blogger BryanBoy literally gave me chills. I’m so used to being alone in my strong interest for fashion journalism, it was refreshing to hear from someone who knows infinitely more than I do about the industry.


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