How to be a bad EIC

By Alison Ryncarz

My final session of the day was one of the most fun and interactive moments during my time at this conference. “How to be a bad EIC” was the title of the session, and boy did I learn what NOT to do as Editor-in-Chief of The Edge.

The seminar began by outlining some of the worst things one could do as Editor-in-Chief. Not showing up for meetings, cursing out staff members, and getting involved in workroom relationship drama were a few of the situations the professors encouraged us to NOT take part in. Obvious information, yes, but still insightful.

We then had students come up and act out some various situations. I thought that this was one of the more effective techniques in applying what we learned. We would act out a “wrong way” and a “right way” and then critique and discuss each one.

Though I didn’t volunteer to take part in acting, I learned a great deal on how to deal with difficult situations I am bound to come across as EIC. This session gave me the confidence to handle these situations with professionalism and poise.


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