Follow the leader

Report by Jonathan Black

“I’m Gonna be a Good Leader” was the last session I attended at the College Media Association but the first taught by students, three from Truman State University.

I was a bit crestfallen to see it was being run by students, thinking I wouldn’t get anything out of it, but their presentation was by no means boring. They reviewed different styles of leadership and had their subsequent editor-in-chief review examples of when she used each type.

This was the session I took the least out of journalistically, not because of the presentation, but due to the question and answer that occurred after it. It started as a presentation about leadership and turned into a ranting session from students in the audience about their frustrating advisers or editors-in-chief.

What the session did provide for me was a sense of thankfulness that Colin Donohue is The Pendulum’s adviser. I hope I’m speaking for The Pendulum staff when I say this; we are so thankful for Colin’s support and guidance.


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