Blogging for my future

By Alison Ryncarz 

As I scanned the schedule for Monday’s sessions, I had my blogging senses on. Any session that had ANYTHING to do with blogging on ANY level was one I was looking out for. This session, “Your Personal Life Can Get you Hired”, caught my eye because its focus was on using your personal blog to get you a job.

Thought process: “Hey, I have a personal blog. Hey, I need a job. Sign me up!”

The session focused on creating an identity based on your personal blog. Our speaker Herbert Lowe, professor at Marquette University, discussed ways in which we could show we had the talent and drive to be a professional writer.

I enjoyed Lowe’s suggestions about using your blog to make a name for yourself, but didn’t feel as though it was very relevant to me. Fashion blogging is really an industry on its own, and I felt that because I know the ins and outs of the business, it wasn’t much help hearing from someone who didn’t.

This session was overall interesting and informative, but it did not blow me out of the water.


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