The Gallant Photographer

By Alison Ryncarz

“Sometimes you’ve got to admit, yeah, I did cut the lock on that gate.”

Nice confession, right? On Monday afternoon I heard that one and more when attending “Your right to take pictures in public”. I have to say, this session was probably the most entertaining (however, least informative) session at the conference.

The entire 50 minutes were spent listening to our speaker recount stories of when he was (or almost was) arrested for trespassing. Yes, the stories were very interesting and yes, everyone loves a good anecdote about someone being pushed around by the cops, but I walked out of there feeling like I learned nothing more than I would never cross this guy if I ran into him.

I was hoping to hear about the roles of street photography so that I would be aware of them when I’m in NYC this summer. I definitely did not get what I expected out of this seminar, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.


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