Right place, right time

By Alison Ryncarz

Willie Geist was great. No reason to make that statement any more eloquent. The clever, hilarious, and yes I’m going to say it – quite handsome – Mr. Geist spoke Sunday afternoon about his career in the journalism and broadcasting industry and gave us some advice on how to pursue a career in this industry.

The biggest lesson I took away from his speech was that sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. In Geist’s “five seconds that changed my life”, when he was asked to host a three-hour newscast after “Imus In the Morning” had its, let’s say, “incident”, he experienced a moment when he was forced to step out of his element and challenge his broadcasting skills.

If you know who the man is, you know he obviously succeeded. Geist went on to host, create and run multiple other positions within the broadcast and journalism industry, now a co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Show and the third hour of the Today Show.

He was an incredibly vibrant man with a visible enthusiasm for our generation. I felt that the students asked some very insightful questions and I was happy to have been able to listen to his journey.


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