Pinning for The Pendulum

By Alison Ryncarz

Katie Schlientz was one of those women who, when she talked, you listened. Maybe it was her fast paced New York accent, or the confidence in which she spoke, but when she began to talk, we all listened.

We listened to her talk about the importance of social media. The importance of having a Facebook, a Twitter, and a…Pinterest? For a newspaper?

Schlientz told us that, without a doubt, we should have a Pinterest account for our newspaper or magazine as another outlet for linking to articles and other content. Luckily, I had just discussed with some of The Edge’s staff the fact that Pinterest boards would be the perfect way to share our inspirations for each edition. I gave myself a little pat on the back for being ahead of the game, but still wondered how much help a Pinterest would help The Pendulum.

Mary Kate informed me after the session that The Pendulum does indeed have a Pinterest account. I had never heard of it before, but would like to encourage the Pendulum staff to create more buzz about this corner of their social media presence. Schlientz made a compelling argument that Pinterest was key to creating a strong presence on the web, and I would love to see The Pendulum and The Edge take advantage of that in any way possible.


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