In-depth presentation shows realm of possibilities

By Jonathan Black

I attended the session entitled Original and In-Depth expecting it to be a brief cover on how to write exactly that. The session was so much more advanced than that.

Two freelance reporters; Chris Maag and Emon Hassen, showed the audience two different examples of in-depth reporting. One, a video, the other, an article.

Hassen’s piece was a four minute video about a Manhattan clock maker which only featured photos inside the man’s office and his narration. Maag’s in-depth was a 5,000 word report on an island used a cemetery in the Bronx.

I was hooked.

They were polar opposites in the sense that Hassen had no writing done for his while Maag’s only contribution, thought extremely substantial, was his writing. His photos were taken by another photographer.

This isn’t anything I could do as a full time student but it is amazing to see the realm of possibilities and expectations for a full time reporter as I work on my first in-depth in Reporting for Public Good.


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