Adviser Sandy York discusses need to implement social media policy

The Changing Role of Your Audience

Sandy York – 1:30-2:20 p.m., Sunday

Following The Pendulum’s dealings with some social media backlash on a particular editorial a few weeks back, I thought it might be beneficial to see what an adviser had to say on the subject. Sandy York, adviser to Marshall University’s The Parthenon, had a similar problem with a column that was published back in November. The student had used the day following the anniversary of the Marshall plane crash to, in a sense, say, “Get over it. Haven’t you grieved long enough?” Over the course of one day, the page got 53,000 views with more than 250 comments, many of them negative. York said that she told her students to just stop responding altogether, by email, by phone, by any method anyone could possibly contact one on. This emphasized to her and her staff the need to implement a social media policy, which they used the AP social media guidelines to create a framework for, and just added and subtracted the things they needed.

This has shown me the undeniable need for The Pendulum to improve its existing social media policy and make it an ever-changing policy as the semesters change. This session was easily one of the most helpful for my role on The Pendulum in particular, and I really look forward to implementing some of the steps I saw here in our own social media.

– Mary Kate Brogan


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