Farewell, Chicago!

It’s hard to believe that our trip to Chicago has already come and gone. The two CMA conferences I’ve attended have positively flown by, because the days are jam-packed from start to finish.

But within the crazy days of this conference, I learned several things: Chicago is a beautiful city with gorgeous architecture and amazing food. The Pendulum is capable of so much more than what we’re doing now. And most of all, the upcoming calendar year at The Pendulum is going to be full of new and exciting learning experiences. This conference gave me insight into several aspects of The Pendulum that we can improve, and having an edition of our newspaper professionally critiqued was so helpful.

I’m so looking forward to sharing these ideas with members of the Pendulum staff. This trip was a truly unforgettable experience. Many thanks to The Pendulum and our advisor, Colin, for funding and coordinating it!

One regret: I didn’t experience Chicago’s famed deep-dish pizza. But that’s okay! It’s a great excuse to travel to the Windy City again soon.

— Rebecca Iannucci


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