Who cares? Take the snooze out of news and build readership

When I read the description of Judy Gibbs Robinson’s session, I was hooked. It promised tips on how to localize national and international news, and in some ways, it delivered. Robinson, a staff member at the University of Oklahoma, made a good point: College campuses are full of experts on topics of national and international importance, so why not employ their knowledge and educate readers on off-campus matters? This is certainly true, but I still wanted to know how to impart the impact of these issues on our readers. When asked, Robinson recommended staying abreast of professors’ travels and involvement in significant projects or organizations, which often lead to news or feature stories. We already do this, to a certain extent, but we certainly could pay closer attention. In fact, my biology professor is currently in Texas, presenting her latest research to a crowd of important people. Story idea!

During the rest of the session, Robinson listed the elements that make a story “newsworthy.” I understand the explanation was necessary  for the purpose of the session, but it was a bit redundant.

— Katie Blunt


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