Session Eight: ‘Find the Stories Beneath The Surface’

This session was the last one of the convention. I think it was also the best one. Steve Fox of Ferris State University kept me writing notes in my notebook the entire 50 minutes.

The biggest thing I learned was something that The Pendulum sports section is definitely a victim of: focusing on star athletes.

While the star athletes are usually a good story because they’re the top players on the team, they can’t be the center of your sports coverage. More people can relate to the everyday player instead of someone like the example Fox used, Randy Moss.

Fox gave many tips about how to find these hidden stories that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. He also talked about how these stories might not be the most important stories, but they should be fun. You’re looking for readers. Give them something that they will enjoy reading, but teach them something.

The point that Fox made that will really stick with me, but has also been a point from many other speakers of the convention, is to go out of your box on these stories. Take a risk. If it fails, it fails. But it if works, it will usually work big.

Sports at Chicago 2012 is over, and my mind is exploding with new ideas The Pendulum sports staff can implement as soon as Monday.

One more session before our final night in Chicago. I did just learn though that it’s the end of daylight savings time tonight, so we gain an extra hour! That’s a plus. Still, that 4 a.m. wake-up call is going to be fun to experience. (Heavy sarcasm intended.)

– Andrew Wilson


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