Session 8: Setting the Pace: What the Winners Look Like

Attending a conference like this one can be a bit intimidating. It’s not just about making sure you dress professionally, take good notes and network with professionals. It’s also about staying on top of your game amid hundreds of other journalism students who are doing the exact same thing. It’s a fun experience to be at this conference, no doubt, but there is also an underlying competitive edge among all the attendees.

Fortunately, with the help of my first session of the day, Associated Collegiate Press Executive Director Logan Aimone told us exactly how we can distinguish our newspaper from the rest (and how we can win a Pacemaker award in the process.)

The Pacemaker award is the highest honor given by the ACP, and there are a number of criteria to which a publication must adhere, even to be considered for nomination. Although The Pendulum’s staff has always pushed itself to put out a better product each year, there’s always room for improvement. Aimone’s session, while simple in its execution, provided a number of examples of award-winning newspapers/magazines/yearbooks, and offered helpful tips that we can use to become award-winning journalists ourselves.

Our advisor, Colin Donohue, always says the same thing regarding awards: “Don’t focus on winning awards, but always do award-winning work.” Now, I know what The Pendulum must do to achieve award-winning work, and they are such important goals to keep in mind.

— Rebecca Iannucci


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