Session 10: Lessons from the Best of News Design

I’m not a designer by any means. I can hold my own with Adobe InDesign, but I’m far from a pro (and while I consider myself creative, there’s no way I could come up with some of the innovative layouts that The Pendulum has done in semesters past).

Ironically, my last session of the conference — “Lessons from the Best of News Design” — was, by far, my favorite one.

The leader of this session was Jonathon Berlin, graphics editor for The Chicago Tribune. Part of why I loved this session so much was because of Jonathon’s attitude. In addition to being a good speaker (and funny!), Jonathon was extremely optimistic about the future of the journalism industry (“I’m optimistic for our future, and I’m optimistic for the world that you guys will go into.”) His positivity about what we do really made the session so enjoyable.

But more than that, Jonathon gave countless examples of excellent newspaper (and newspaper website) design, referencing tons of current events for which a newspaper’s design team really came together and made a fantastic layout. His ideas were compelling and fresh, and they are ones that we can easily apply to our design at The Pendulum, especially as we approach a new calendar year with a new staff.

I’m so excited for the ideas that I can bring back to Elon, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can implement these suggestions and create even more eye-catching content.

— Rebecca Iannucci


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