Saturday Session #2: Making Time for the Enterprise (When You’re Busier Than Capt. Kirk)

In this session, Michael Sewall, an associate regional editor for Patch, gave some great advice on time management for yourself and your staff. He emphasized that you can’t just abandon the core principes of journalism just because you’re busy, so he gave a number of good tips to ensure that you can still get your reporting done in a timely and well-done manner:

  • Look at your schedule and compartmentalize: Make sure you understand everything that’s demanded of you, break it all down and prioritize.
  • Find big blocks of time in your schedule to get started on large projects.
  • Practice the principles of beat reporting by building up loyal, reliable sources who can get you information quickly and easily.
  • Plan and Execute: Write down all your questions for a story and exactly how you’ll get them answered/by whom. This should be a detailed list of everything you need to do for your project.
  • Work as a team. The help of others will increase accountability for yourself and your team.

These tips will hopefully help individuals on The Pendulum staff by giving them specific ideas for time management. Even though you may already have a system for how you manage your time, it never hurts to try something different.

– Kyra Gemberling


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