Saturday Session #1- Setting the Pace: What the Winners Look Like

This session, led by Logan Aimone, executive director of the Associated Collegiate Press, gave me a good idea of what characteristics determine winners of the Pacemaker awards and how our organization can improve. Though the winners of this year’s Pacemakers won’t be announced until later today at 3:30 pm, Aimone used examples of winners from last year to give us a good idea of what winners look like (hence the title).

Some key ideas I took away include the idea that our coverage should reflect all aspects of student life and truly give you a sense of place in terms of what the campus is all about. The writing should be crisp with thorough reporting and clean, edited copy, and the design should have a contemporary look with good visual hierarchy (which is something I think The Pendulum can improve on). The visuals should enhance the verbal content and draw in the reader, and we should work to cover as much hard-hitting, investigative news stories as possible.

Finally, one of the biggest ideas I gained from this session is that our editorial section should be consequential, so it should only present information that’s truly worthwhile and not on the page just to fill space. I feel we sometimes write a bit too much in our editorial section when the point really could have been summarized in a crisper, more eloquent way, so I think this is something to keep in mind for the future.

I’m excited to see the results of the Pacemaker Awards Ceremony this afternoon! Good luck Pendulum!

– Kyra Gemberling


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