Last Session of the convention: Lessons from the Best of News Design

My last session (*tear*) of the convention was presented by Jonathan Berlin, the graphics editor of the Chicago Tribune and president of the Society for News Design. He made the point that no matter what’s going on with journalism, this is still a visual world. He showed us several new trends in design for 2012 and how we can incorporate them into our publications. Here are some tips associated with each of these trends:

  • Employ sophisticated, creative design in your paper and online.
  • Push things forward by using the tools of design to answer the question, “What’s next?” (Communicate the story through photos/headlines).
  • Give people a chance to get inside the stories.
  • Answer all the questions a reader should have about how to understand the story.
  • Pace yourself with pages (vary the amount of pages with big photos and small photos, etc.) and give readers surprises throughout the paper.
  • Integrate magazine-style elements when neccessary.
  • Find moments to capture readers.
  • Make space for photography in your newspaper.

It was a great session to end with because of all the innovative, creative ideas I took away from it. Leaving at 4 a.m. – bye Chicago!!

– Kyra Gemberling


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