Don’t everyone run off: Run your meetings right

Once again, Mat Cantore presented an upbeat session on how to improve college news organizations. I think our budget meetings are pretty well-run overall, but Cantore’s tips were useful nonetheless.

Cantore, a staff member at the Hudson Valley Community College, listed ten steps to improve the efficiency of staff meetings:

  1. Have an agenda and send it out ahead of time. Make copies available.
  2. Set time limits when necessary
  3. Don’t allow distractions, especially phones
  4. Start on time, and end on time (or early).
  5. Prepare yourself.
  6. Look and act professional
  7. Have conversations beforehand about separating friends from work.
  8. Allow time for new questions, but do not jump the agenda.
  9. Appear organized and appear in control.
  10. Allow a laugh, but get it back on track.

Caitlin, our editor-in-chief, normally does a great job keeping everyone on track, and our budget meetings are usually quite efficient. I like the idea of sending an agenda to the staff beforehand, though. If everyone knew the discussion points ahead of time, they would have time to prepare insightful comments and generate good ideas.

Because I aspire to eventually hold a high leadership position on staff, I found this session helpful.

— Katie Blunt


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