The Right Visual: Photo, 
Illustration or Graphic?

This session was with Mike Miner, an editor and designer at The Chicago Tribune I was looking forward to this talk to learn about different opportunities with photo graphics and when it was appropriate to use illustrations vs. graphics. Unfortunately the talk didn’t quite get to that.

He talked about Chicago Tribune photographer Pete Souza, who is also the White House photographer and my idol. I really enjoyed seeing his images and how he was able to make his own package when the paper didn’t have the funds to send a reporter. He would cover environmental stories, such as oil drilling in Alaska to cutting down national forests. Although Souza did not have a huge science background, he would write an article and then send it in to an editor. The article was then looked at and improved on by a science reporter who would find more sources to improve the article.

I did enjoy how he compared campaign photos from both candidates and how each candidate does the same thing because 90% of the photos on the campaign trail is staged. “Always shoot the shoes, there’s always something there.” On the campaign trail it gets really boring really fast so you’ve got to go out of your way to shoot interesting angles and be different. The crowds are often more interesting than the candidates, so be sure to focus on them.

However the majority of his talk was mostly just showing off photo pages he designed and their background stories. Although I didn’t learn the most in this session, it was a nice break to enjoy looking at unique campaign photos.

-Al Drago


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