Session Six: ‘How to Nail Post-Game Interviews’

Like I said before, Joe Gisondi is awesome.

He opened the session talking about a potential two or three-day workshop on sports journalism sometime in February in Tennessee. (Take note Colin! Just saying.)

I can honestly say that I struggle with questions to ask after a game. I feel like I am always asking ridiculously stupid questions, and sometimes, the answers come back just as ridiculous because of the fact that it was a typical, stupid question.

I know I just came out of the session, but I feel like I am so much better equipped for a post game interview. I guess we will find out soon enough because I have one tonight with Elon women’s soccer coach Chris Neal. Anyway, that’s not the point.

A couple of the tips Gisondi had were:

–       Make questions specific. Don’t beat around the bush.

–       Encourage people to tell you a story about something. Not just a quote to use.

–       No cliché questions.

–       Be neutral.

–       (My personal favorite) Shut up and listen.

Just a heads up Pendulum sports staff…we have SO much to talk about when I return this weekend. However, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t come back. Sorry not sorry.

– Andrew Wilson


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