Session Four: ‘Keeping Score, Getting It Right’

“If you’re not keeping your own score, you’re not doing your job the right way.” -Joe Gisondi

How true I realize that is now…

In my first session of the day, I got the chance to listen to Joe Gisondi again. (Side note: Joe has become a genius in my mind.) This time, Gisondi gave many tips on, first off, how to efficiently write down the statistics in a game, but how to also balance the use of those stats in a story without being boring.

Gisondi used the session to almost build on his “9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Section” yesterday in the sense that he used some of the points from that session again in this one to help get his point about using statistics in your stories.

I also think this session was used as a segue to his “How to Nail Post-Game Interviews” session later today. Gidsondi ended the session by talking about how these stats can help lead your questions to ask after the game and how they can give you more credibility as a journalist. Stay tuned for my thoughts on that one later today.

On a side note, this city is amazing, and that fact that it’s Friday already is not cool what so ever. We treated ourselves to a great dinner last night at a place I don’t even know how to pronounce. That’s your first clue that it had to be good. More adventures to come!

– Andrew Wilson


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