Session Five: ‘The Access Game’

This session was something I knew was really going to interest me because of the situation we as sports reporters at Elon are in. For anything we have to do, we go through the media relations representative.

During the session, the audience was asked to raise their hand if they have to go through media relations or sports information directors. I was one of just a couple people to raise a hand. The rest of the crowd had free will and could talk to any athlete they wanted just by shooting them a quick text message or a phone call. That would be nice sometimes.

Never the less, “The Access Game” session from Ted Geltner of Valdosta State University gave us tips about how to help gain a better relationship with the media relations director you work with and how it can help you gain better access to athletes.

Geltner said one of the biggest things is to build a good relationship with your coach and your media relations representative because that will help you immensely while covering the team you are on.

The other big point Geltner made was to not let the athletic department dictate the coverage of your sport. We can’t be their puppets.

Well, one more session today. I really can’t believe this trip is more than halfway over. So sad. Until next time!

– Andrew Wilson


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