Session 7: For Editors Only: Rule with an Iron Fist Yet Wear a Velvet Glove

It had to happen sometime: I bailed on a session 20 minutes before it was scheduled to end.

What’s disappointing about my early departure is that it was during a session led by Michael Koretzky, who provided yesterday’s most interesting session. So why did this one drive me away?

Well, Koretzky’s session started off on a fantastic note. This session dealt with how to be an assertive, but well-liked, editor of your newspaper (which I’ve found is a tough balance for any Pendulum editor, not just editor-in-chief). It was an excellent lesson in leadership style, and entertaining at that. I know I will definitely keep some of Koretzky’s tips in mind, even long after I’ve graduated from Elon.

But the last 45 minutes of the session were dedicated to a Q&A with audience members, and many of them had questions that they probably could have answered on their own time, or at least weren’t necessary for a big audience. In fact, when Koretzky began to encourage audience members to help answer one another’s questions, it was mayhem. So many voices and so many conflicting opinions. It was extremely unproductive, so I decided to leave.

Overall, Koretzky’s actual advice-based session was very helpful. The Q&A wasn’t as insightful, but I still took away some great notes to help me in the future.

— Rebecca Iannucci


One thought on “Session 7: For Editors Only: Rule with an Iron Fist Yet Wear a Velvet Glove

  1. I’m glad you bailed on my session. Seriously.

    A session should be like a newspaper — and how many people read every story in every issue? No paper expects them to.

    You glean what you want, you move on. At conventions, you’re the customer, so you’re always right. I will say, though, I *loved* the momentary chaos. Do you know how hard it is to get students to speak up at a session? Much less have them yell conflicting solutions at each other?

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