Pinnacle of Success

Oof. This post’s headline is terrible. But it’s written, and it ain’t being deleted. Lazy much? You betcha. But the headline is hinting at the crux of this entry: The Pendulum was honored by the College Media Association with first-place finishes in two Pinnacle Awards competitions: Best Interactive Advertising and Media (for its Explore Elon advertising website) and Best TV Entertainment Program (for the April 5, 2012 episode of “The Swing”).

Congratulations to all students who are involved in the production of both Explore Elon and “The Swing,” with special shout outs to Jeff Stern, Trevor Nelson and Chris Bozak for their efforts on both. It’s pretty neat to walk away with some impressive looking hardware. (Although, it is odd that “The Swing” won for Best TV Entertainment program and was a finalist in Best TV Newscast for the segment “Uncensored: Behind the Scenes of The Pendulum’s Nearly-Nude Photoshoot”. It’s a conundrum without an answer.)

On Saturday, the Pendulum will receive its honorable mention from the Associated Collegiate Press in the Multimedia Sports category for “Redshirts take unique path in world of college athletics.” And on Sunday, ACP will reveal its Best of Show awards, which the Pendulum did enter. We won’t be around to witness the results, though, as we catch an early flight back to Elon. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed. And we’ll stay motivated to do great work the rest of the year so that The Pendulum is up for a Pacemaker at the convention in 2013. Stay hungry.

— Colin Donohue


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