Keynote: How You Can Improv Your Journalism

While the rest of the staff attended the more serious of the two keynotes, I did not stop laughing since the moment I walked in. I want to How You Can Improv Your Journalism hosted by four improv comedians. A majority of the session was how to have fun and engage your staff to be comfortable enough to not feel awkward in any situation. There is a large number of things in the world that could be extremely weird to cover and you have to stay professional and not laugh or cringe. I learned to go with the flow and not take anything to heart or make my own judgements. You have to be a storyteller and present the facts. Then you can leave it up to the viewer to make their own decisions.

Going off of that I learned to celebrate failures and learn from them. Everyone is so afraid of messing up that when they do their so embarrassed and can’t learn from it. You have to stay on top of your game and know that everyone messes up, as long as you learn from it for the future. Also, when interviewing a subject, you need to be in the moment and listen to what they are saying and what their message is. If you are too busy trying to get ready for the next question, you could be missing the most important thing. 

-Al Drago


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