Covering the 2012 Olympics 
with One Backpack

My final class of the day was with Steve Johnson again. It was Covering the 2012 Olympics with One Backpack. With such an interesting title I was expecting photos of Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. But his photos and stories were not on the traditional rockstars you’d think at the Olympics.

His talk was about how he covered the Olympics with just one backpack. Instead of taking the traditional route of covering swimming or track, he followed the University of Florida marching band as they were the first a non-British marching band to perform on The mall – just in front of Buckingham Palace. He followed the team throughout the entire process, from setting up emails months in advance to traveling with the band, he fully immersed himself in the project. He stressed that you have to find your niche and brand yourself in a way that when an assignment comes along, an editor will think “Hey, this is the kind of thing Al would shoot really well,” and then hire you.

With his video interviews, he would cut to b-role of what the subject is talking about and it really tied the story together.

-Al Drago


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