Why Writing Still Matters

In an age of social and short-message media, Jake Lowary insists good writing still matters. Lowary, a copy editor by trade, advises The All Star, the newspaper at Austin Peay State University.

He emphasized the need to maintain a high level of discourse at all times, even when writing on social media platforms. He warned against posting incriminating photos or poorly-written blurbs on Facebook, Twitter or blogs, for many employers scour the social media sites of potential employees. Well-written cover letters and resumes also matter, he said.

While many of Lowary’s tips are very relevant to students in college, I was disappointed in the overall content of the session. I wish he had discussed why good writing is still relevant in a world dominated by social media, texting and blogging, rather than why good writing is important when applying for jobs. It’s sometimes discouraging to write a long, well-written article while knowing few will read it in full, and I wish he had addressed that.

— Katie Blunt


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