Vision Quest: What’s your Goal?

Mat Cantore’s session on leadership and goal-setting began with a challenge. Attendees were asked to rank a list of 20 broad topics, such as family, career, charitable donations and pets, in order of importance in their lives. It was tough, and it was a good way to hone in on personal goals.

Cantore addressed all kinds of goals — short-term and long-term, personal and group — as well as the obstacles that often stand in the way of achieving them. He said all obstacles are actually pathways to creating new, smaller goals that lead to long-term success.

He encouraged students to break up large goals into smaller, more achievable parts, and to never forget the effectiveness of rewards.

“Take time to celebrate your victories,” he said. “Take the time to recognize those around you when they accomplish their goals. If I achieve my goal, I reward myself.”

Though Cantore’s session didn’t offer any “novel” goal-setting ideas, his upbeat approach to problem solving was really encouraging and helpful. I tend to get a bit ahead of myself in my goal-setting, and this was a good reality check.

— Katie Blunt


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