Session Three- An Entertaining Way into the Magazine Business

Today’s session on entertainment journalism just happened to be the most entertaining workshop I had all day (what a coincidence!).

Michael Koretzky, one of the co-directors of the convention, put on quite a show by going through every facet of entertainment journalism and how to think outside of the box to really draw in readers. Though he verged on a little too vulgar at times, I feel I learned the most from his advice because he showed us examples of stories he’s done in his career that I would have never even thought of, ranging from a food review on a man who eats road kill to a nightlife story on the success of several college students sneaking into bars.

Koretzky also emphasized the important of collaboration on staff, especially between writers and designers. This is something we tend to lack at The Pendulum, so I hope in the future we can find the time to plan ahead with stories and think of really interesting ways to present information in a way that propels the story instead of dampening it.

– Kyra Gemberling


3 thoughts on “Session Three- An Entertaining Way into the Magazine Business

  1. No problem! I’m a very open-minded person and I thought your session was absolutely hilarious, but I think some of your comments (i.e. the comment about what your wife learned about your sex life from reading Cosmo) could be taken the wrong way from more conservative-minded students/advisers. However, your session was by far my favorite out of the 10 I attended, so my complaints are minimal 🙂 Thanks!

    • Fair enough. That comment was not particularly relevant to the discussion, so mea culpa. Appreciate the guts to call me out. Too few student journalists do that – and isn’t journalism all about speaking truth to power?

  2. Hey, this is Koretzky. How was I vulgar? Was it some of the writing I displayed onscreen? Or did I simply curse too much?

    (I’m a working journalist, not a professor, so I gotta watch myself sometimes.)

    If the vulgarity was in the content of the session, I make no apologies. If it was me, I do.

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