Session 1- Why Writing Still Matters

I have to be honest – my first session of the National College Media Convention left me a little disappointed.

Due to the constant discussion of the “death of print journalism,” I was really excited for what I thought would be a session on why writing is still relevant despite the ever-advancing state of technology. However, the session ended up being more geared toward social media ethics and accuracy, so I was a tad bit disheartened.

Nonetheless, I still took away some important ideas from Jake Lowary’s discussion. As a staff member at Austin Peay State University, Lowary said it’s important to focus on your digital message on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc., and that these digital messages are “inevitably always in written form.”

He suggests practicing grammatically correct writing (a no-brainer, but still an important reminder) and maintaining a high level of discourse with your audience to have efficient online writing. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of good writing in all forms, whether it’s a resume, email, cover letter, tweet or Facebook status. Lowary ended the session with great food for thought: “It’s important that we set the standard as journalists. If we don’t, who will?”

– Kyra Gemberling


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