Session 1: “9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Section”

“9 Ways to Improve Your Sports Section” was the perfect way to start off Chicago 2012. While the instructor of the session, Joe Gisondi of Eastern Illinois University, was late to the session after a wrong turn on the streets of Chicago, it helped the session almost become two sessions in one.

Ed Marlowe, a staff writer from The Murray State News, actually led the session to start off after being promoted from the crowd. Before Gisondi arrived, the audience talked about different things their various sports sections do to help the coverage of sports across campus.

When Gisondi arrived, he offered so much information that I constantly found myself writing notes. While he had nine specific ways to improve the sports section, he used each of those as jumping points into other things.

A couple of the things he talked about in the session are things The Pendulum already does, which made me feel awesome about being a part of the organization. While we publish the paper on a bi-weekly basis, we push content online each and every day. That was one of the main points Gisondi made during his presentation.

The other major point Gisondi emphasized is something that we as a sports section don’t always do, but could do more often: Take risks. He said, “If you’re going to fail, fail big.” While I know we are not looking to fail by any means with a risk, it is something we cannot be afraid of doing. Hopefully through the course of the next two days, I will be able to bring home some ideas that we can try and, hopefully, not fail at.

One session down. Eight to go. Is this real life that I’m actually here? This city is amazing!

– Andrew Wilson


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